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Maybe Logic Academy

It finally happened. Robert Anton Wilson has finally started teaching at the university! It's just an online, uh, offbeat 'academy', but an "institution of higher learning" nonetheless, at least in my book. Ladies and gentlemen, enter the Maybe Logic Academy...

'Maybe Logic Academy is an innovative educational learning center and online community. The Academy features online courses by many of the most important and ground-breaking writers, theorists and leaders today.

Each course is grounded in the philosophy and perspective of maybe logic, an approach which emphasizes the fallibility and relativity of perception and tends to approach information and theory with questions, probabilities and multiple perspectives rather than absolute truths. If students leave the courses with more questions and more options, we've done our job.'
Sounds cool, and if I had the money I'd sign up for a course or two right now... instead I'm left hoping I'll be able to scrounge enough cash by the time they start.

By the way, Wilson has been using the "Maybe Logic" meme for a while now, beginning with the homonymous movie, which I can highly recommend. For further background, check out my Disinfo review of the movie's premiere in Santa Cruz, California where Wilson currently resides.