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Hack Your Brain with an iPod

Such is the title of a Forevergeek.com article which describes a way to alter your brainwaves using sound generator software. Different ready-made presets are available, and the software can generate new ones. May be worth a try; check it out.

NOTE: the article references 0wnz0red, a cool sci-fi short story by Cory Doctorow, but the link is broken. Use this one instead.


Glad you found it interesting.
The 0wnz0red link works... not sure why it didn't for you. I even tested it in a couple browsers I don't use to be sure there wasn't a salon login or something in the way. It's the same link Cory uses on his site. Of course, your link to the print version does give the entire story on one page instead of 8. :-)