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Paul Ford: The Banality of Google

'Of course, you don't arrive at a morally profound motto like “don't be evil” without some serious thought. Here are some of the mottoes that Google tried out and rejected:

* Google! Dance with the devil, but go home before it gets serious.
* Google! We won't commit genocide in most circumstances.
* Google! Don't eat no babies.
* Google! We could do good, but we're like, whoa.
* Google! Begone, demon!

Those suck! So how did Google come up with “don't be evil?” If you do not know the answer, you clearly did not attend an Ivy League business school like the author of this article. So I will tell you: they did focus group testing of their mottoes. They tested the evil brand concept one day, and the good brand concept the next. On evil day, they brought in vampires, werewolves, Satan, and a kraken.' (Ftrain.com blog entry)