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Panem et Circenses

Makes total sense:

'Detainees at the troubled Kariong Detention Centre on the NSW Central Coast were given flat-screen TVs in each of their rooms to keep them out of trouble.

Staff at the central coast facility say about 20 sets were purchased, in addition to three Xboxes for common rooms.' (The Australian article via Fark)
For some strange reason, reading this article reminded me of a certain album cover, which I haven't thought about ever since I casually glanced at it, let's see... hmm, about 12 years ago.

What scares me about this is the Xbox part, though. I mean, they are doing this to curb violence, right? And they put only THREE Xboxes in the common rooms for the ENTIRE JAIL? Clearly these people have never been gamers themselves, and they are tragically out of touch with their gamer children.
Easy two-bit prediction: after a while, this will become like periodically throwing a small rock of crack cocaine in a roomful of raving addicts. I shudder to think what they're going to come up with then...