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The Flat Earth Society

Yes, that's the name of a real society. No, they're not kidding. Yes, the following is really an excerpt from their official FAQ.

'1. What is the Earth's shape?
The Earth is flat. It is shaped in the form of a pentagon, and thus has five corners.

2. What is the "middle corner"?
If one was to draw a line from each corner to the centre of the opposing side of the Earth, the line would intersect in the middle of the Flat Earth. This place is known as the Middle Corner.

3. Hey, wait a minute, that is not a real corner...
So? The equator of the spherical earthers is an imaginary line as well. Does this mean that their model does not have a northern and a southern hemisphere? You cannot count in imaginary numbers, but does that mean that they do not exist?

4. What about the northern and southern hemisphere?
Globularist rot. This implies the Earth being a SPHERE, which it is not. The Earth has, however, an Inner and Outer Ring.

5. What is Platygæanism?
Platygæanism is the scientific hypothesis which holds that the Earth is flat or planar in topology.

5. Does the "middle corner" prove that 5=6?
And so on and so forth. Visit these fine specimens of utter intellectual defiance in the face of anything at http://www.flat-earth.org/.
And many thanks to RAW for alerting me to their continued, stubborn existence. At first I thought he was, you know, kidding.


They also claim that England, Idaho, and Australia don't exist. Oh well... I guess everyone has to have a hobby.

I find the Springfield Effect to be even more engaging.

um, sorry but they are "kidding" dude.

apparently they are. my bad...

the pentagon thing should've been a dead giveaway

but more importantly, does it really even matter if theyre kidding?

You know, I just thought it was FUNNY.
That's all. Really.

But if you guys want to talk about whether reality is completely subjective or not, the nature of the great Veil of Maya, how thinking that the Earth is round is just another belief system, etc. etc. we can do that too... except I think the Flat Earth Society website does a fine job of that already.

Hell, they got me :)

They're close, but just a little too unimaginative. The world is actually a pyramid (five sides, counting the bottom). The ancient Egytians knew this all too well.

No matter what shape the world is, let's all just remember that it's carried on the back of a turtle, which just happens to be my Aboriginal dreaming (or Native American totem). So ha! ;)

The earth is both flat and round simultaneously.

Found your site through blogspot and wanted to say hi

Is there a "real" Flat Earth Society which actually tries to prove the Earth is Flat without kidding around? If so, you should post a link to it on your page.

Try this.

Also related: this and this.

And then of course there's a whole other Flat Earth Society...