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The Absurdity Continues

Novelist (Move Under Ground) and erstwhile Disinfo scribe Nick Mamatas has received TRUE and AUTHENTIC wisdom from no less a source than Ted Jesus Christ GOD, and decided to share it with us. Thanks, Nick!

'This is Ted Jesus Christ GOD saying that I AM THE CREATOR and this is what Doctors and Dentist should be Prescribing...NO PROCESSED SUGAR in anything and ZERO TOLERANCE for any of that and NO PROCESSED FOODS and NO PROCESSED WHITE BREAD and NO STARCHY FOODS and NOTHING ARTIFICIAL and NO ANIMAL FATS in anything and ZERO TOLERANCE for any of that and this includes NO butter milk and NO dairy milk and NO sour cream and NO yogurt and NO cheese and NO meats and then NO Biotech and EVERYTHING from the Fresh Produce Section has to be Creator Original and definitely NEVER any Street Drugs or Over the Counter Drugs or Prescription Drugs or Pharmaceuticals or Hospital or Medical Center Drugs and NO Smoking of anything and NO drinking of anything alcoholic and NO Plastic or Cosmetic Surgery and NO Surgery to counter Growing Old Curse and DEFINITELY AND THIS NEVER EVER EVER taking anything or allowing to be put in your veins anything that Alters your Genetics and that can then be passed onto children or Altering of Human Genetics for any reason including to cure or fix or improve or enhance or alter. Ted keeps hearing and this LOUD SPIRITUALLY that Antibiotics have caused certain types of FATAL Cancer and are partially RESPONSIBLE for the Cancer EPIDEMIC!'
What can I say? Read the whole thing. Here's links to parts one and two.