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Night of the Living Spambots

Today, Corridor of Madness received its first big spam attack, with about 200 comments posted by spambots. Most were links to either sex sites (of the brutal kind), or various online scams. All I can say is, Gee... thanks! The attack has provided the push I needed to finally install MT-Blacklist, a plugin for Movable Type that automatically deletes spam comments and prevents them from being posted in the future. It was a snap to install and use, and it fixed in a few minutes a problem that it would have taken me hours to tackle otherwise. I highly recommend this plugin, if you have a Movable Type blog and wish to secure it from the attacks that some extremely low forms of life (spammers) might level on it.

Special thanks go to MT-Blacklist's author, Jay Allen: I'll get you a donation as soon as I can! :)