January 12, 2005


I've been "un-wired" these days.

The holidays catalyzed a time of retreat and reflection, in which I have hardly been able to bring myself to read my email (shocking!). If you know me and I seem to have disappeared for good, I haven't. I simply couldn't fight the natural slowdown that was occurring. In it, almost despite myself, I found once again that nourishment and richness, different from the kind I enjoy through this global thought matrix where we have likely met.

I am compelled to drink from this well. And I've been drinking in large gulps, 'cause I don't know how long it'll be here, in all its delicious multiplicity of states, from blissful to grim to flat-out incomprehensible.

The echoes and scent of Life Passing By.

The excitement and toil of Life Moving On.

How can I even try to sum up everything that happened this year? Hell, why should I bother? What should I have to say about it? We can all look around, above, below and within [for] ourselves. Instead, I will descend into the confused magma of Right Now, and lend my most careful ear to its unspecified gurgling, the barrage of incoherent signals that boggles the mind. I seem to remember there's something to hear, somewhere in there... maybe a melody or two. A soothing rhyme. Or maybe the kind of news that never change, yet always remain "news".

With any luck, I'll find a round-trip ticket that doesn't cost me Everything.
After all, I am not too particular about my lodgings and I don't care about travelling in first class. What matters is taking the Trip. So don't put that off when you get the chance. I won't, and I hope to See You There.

With any luck, I'll be back in One Piece. And then what?

February 28, 2004

The Altered State :: class notes // part 1

For some the end of miles is Denver, Colorado
But something always kept me moving West
I知 lately out of reach
In towns along the California shore

I知 leathery and bleached
I知 lost and I am lonesome to the core
I致e got nowhere left to go
But I知 satisifed to know
There値l be miles nevermore

Frank Black, The End of Miles

OK. Here I am with tons of notes from the first 2 meetings of Erik Davis' The Altered State, a CIIS class about "California's Spiritual Frontiers". The following is my best shot at a rundown of this course's outline and perspective, with some of the connections that Erik's lectures have so far inspired.

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February 11, 2004

Initiations - End of Lab :: Personal Notes // part 4 and conclusion

In which I delve into a detailed description of two of the most powerful group rituals that emerged out of our autonomous (yet coordinated) efforts as ritualists, during the course of the "Initiations" paratheatrical lab. I will also summarize the major insights gained throughout this experience, and attempt a working assessment of this medium, in terms of its usefulness to my personal work (which might even - who knows? - be useful to other individuals, similar to me in type or in conditions at this time).

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January 27, 2004

Initiations - End of Lab :: Personal Notes // part 3

In which I give an account of the experiences I had with personal polarizations in the paratheatrical rituals that comprised this lab. Here, I share insights received while working with conscious projection, talk about the unusual experience of trying to stretch my movement vocabulary; and introduce group polarities, the complex collective rituals that aim at facilitating "miraculous interactions of self-governing bodies".

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January 23, 2004

Initiations - End of Lab :: Personal Notes // part 2

In which I continue writing down my experience of participating in Antero Alli's paratheatrical lab "Initiations", and I talk about how each and every lab session is opened. Here, I try to describe in detail my experience with the processes that are used to prepare the space and the participant for the ritual: prayer circle, sanctification, and the all-important warm-up cycle.

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January 22, 2004

Initiations - End of Lab :: Personal Notes // part 1

Antero Alli's paratheatrical lab, "Initiations", is now over (last session: Tuesday January 20th, 2004).
As a participant in the lab, I decided to start blogging all the various thoughts, notes and impressions relating to and generated by it. Hopefully, at the very least, it will be a way for me to process the experience and extract some directions for future and further work.

The rest of you are more than welcome to stick around, read and comment in any way.
That's why it's all on the web!

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