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I've been "un-wired" these days.

The holidays catalyzed a time of retreat and reflection, in which I have hardly been able to bring myself to read my email (shocking!). If you know me and I seem to have disappeared for good, I haven't. I simply couldn't fight the natural slowdown that was occurring. In it, almost despite myself, I found once again that nourishment and richness, different from the kind I enjoy through this global thought matrix where we have likely met.

I am compelled to drink from this well. And I've been drinking in large gulps, 'cause I don't know how long it'll be here, in all its delicious multiplicity of states, from blissful to grim to flat-out incomprehensible.

The echoes and scent of Life Passing By.

The excitement and toil of Life Moving On.

How can I even try to sum up everything that happened this year? Hell, why should I bother? What should I have to say about it? We can all look around, above, below and within [for] ourselves. Instead, I will descend into the confused magma of Right Now, and lend my most careful ear to its unspecified gurgling, the barrage of incoherent signals that boggles the mind. I seem to remember there's something to hear, somewhere in there... maybe a melody or two. A soothing rhyme. Or maybe the kind of news that never change, yet always remain "news".

With any luck, I'll find a round-trip ticket that doesn't cost me Everything.
After all, I am not too particular about my lodgings and I don't care about travelling in first class. What matters is taking the Trip. So don't put that off when you get the chance. I won't, and I hope to See You There.

With any luck, I'll be back in One Piece. And then what?