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EPIC continues to probe ChoicePoint

This is from an EPIC bulletin dated March 11, 2005. The hearings they mention should have happened by now, but I haven't had a chance to keep up with latest developments, as right now I'm in the middle of several messy and time-consuming things all at once. Anyway, certain things bear repeating:

'Serious questions continue to surround the sale of personal information to criminals by ChoicePoint, a commercial data broker. Last week, it was revealed that ChoicePoint had also sold personal information to criminals in 2002. This week, security breaches were announced by commercial data broker Seisint, and by retailer DSW Shoe Warehouse.The continued news of new and old breaches has shifted the debate in Washington from one where Congress was discussing whether a problem exists, to one where legislators are focusing on what should be done. Hearings on ChoicePoint will be held within the next week in the Senate
Banking Committee and the House Commerce and Ways and Means Committees.'
Find more information at the Electronic Privacy Information Center's ChoicePoint page.