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New Erik Davis Book

Erik Davis, the maverick researcher whose independent seminars I've recently had occasion to enjoy, has a brand new book out. Guess what it's about? From his own announce mailing list:

'I am happy to announce the publication of my book on the fourth Led Zeppelin record, the one with the four goofy symbols, "Stairway to Heaven," and the weird old man on the cover. This laborette of love is part of Continuum's 33.3 series, which features writers on different classic rock and pop albums. The books are short, which means they not only read fast and fit snugly in your pocket (they are slightly larger than a PDA), but cost just under ten bucks. So please check it out, and pass on the word.'
Consider it done, Erik. Oh, he also sends over a few choice snippets. How about this one:
'So what happens when we take Crowley's advice and start playing Led Zeppelin records backwards? If you get your hands on a Technics deck or decent sound software and reverse Stairway to Heaven's central verses, you will probably just hear the slurring, sucking sonic taffy that youd expect. But if the appropriate passages are properly isolated, and you are prompted beforehand, then you are likely to hear things like "Here's to my sweet Satan" or "There's no escaping it". I certainly did, although the actual phrases sounded more like "Yish tomai swee Zaydn" and "Hair-airs no esgaybin id"' (...)
What else to add... Ah, yes: If you really can't think of a nice neighborhood bookstore to wander off to, here's a link for ya, you lazy bastard.