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A chance encounter on IRC brought to my knowledge this cool project -- in so many words: Linux, culture, medialabs and community in the slums of New Delhi (and with local "troubled youths"). The website is a good read, with a lot of well-written info and samples of some of the media projects coming out of the experiment, It's an inspiring example of a social project enabled by and based on Free Software.

'The Ankur/Sarai Cybermohalla Project is an experimental collaborative initiative for the creation of nodes of popular digital culture in Delhi between Ankur, a Delhi based NGO and Sarai, the New Media & Urban Culture Programme of the Centre for the Study of Developing Societies, Delhi.

The word Cybermohalla, suggests a hybrid location, which has the open-endedness of cyberspace, qualified by the local specifities and intimacy of a mohalla or a dense urban neighbourhood.' (Link)