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RFID Implant Story

'About 2 months ago I had an idea. A crazy, but semi-cool idea. Pretty much everyone knows about the chips people inject into their dogs so if they ever get lost they can find them. However, not many people understand the chips. From the first second I heard about the chips, I wanted one. I wanted to be able to say I have a microchip inside me. I wanted to be trancend the barrier of science fiction and be one of the first to have a chip under my skin.

The next few weeks were spent researching the technology, not because I thought I'd actually be doing it, but because I was interested in it. I came across a couple websites of prospective companies trying to create a human chip (http://www.4verichip.com/), as well as writings about Kevin Warwick and some other lady who had two of them put into her hand. Kevin had only left his injected for nine days, and it was then removed. Others had left them in permanently. In all, I only found about five personal accounts of people who had them.

I found out that the chips were about the size of a grain of uncooked rice, and were supposed to be injected right under the loose area of skin. They had been used in dogs, cats, reptiles, birds, horses, cows, fish, and tons of others. When scanned within a few inches by a frequency designated scanner, a nine digit number in the following format shows up (XXX*XXX*XXX). AVID Technologies (http://www.avidmicrochip.com/) is the creator of the most popular chip for animals. They manufactured the ones the lady had put in her hand.

At this point I was really interested in having one of my own. I found an online veterinary supply company (http://www.countrysidevetsupply.com...itml/icOid/1736) and within minuites had ordered an AVID microchip with pre-sterile syringe for a mere twelve dollars. I figured that If I chickened out I could always just inject it in my dog and register it.' (Something Awful Forums post)