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Information in the Holographic Universe

This is old, but I just saw it and I'd like to share. Ended up visiting the site as a result of meeting somebody I hadn't seen in years. Check out this Scientific American August 2003 article informing us that 'Theoretical results about black holes suggest that the universe could be like a gigantic hologram':

'An astonishing theory called the holographic principle holds that the universe is like a hologram: just as a trick of light allows a fully three-dimensional image to be recorded on a flat piece of film, our seemingly three-dimensional universe could be completely equivalent to alternative quantum fields and physical laws "painted" on a distant, vast surface.

The physics of black holes--immensely dense concentrations of mass--provides a hint that the principle might be true. Studies of black holes show that, although it defies common sense, the maximum entropy or information content of any region of space is defined not by its volume but by its surface area.

Physicists hope that this surprising finding is a clue to the ultimate theory of reality.'