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The Demon of Electricity is back?

I got more electrically themed, plain fucking eerie spam. A companion to this one, apparently (same strange formatting, even the same identical date).
You know, I really have no idea why anybody would send such a thing as spam. Can anybody enlighten me on this? What is the point of sending the following message (it's the complete thing as I received it; it had no links or pictures embedded in it -- like the other one) to millions of people? Or am I the only one? At any rate, it's pretty weird. Goes like this:

-----original message-----
From: mistie@xxx.xxx [mailto:kai@xxx.xxx]
Sent: Friday, March 8, 2004 7:44PM
To: dorian; corrine@xxxx.xxx; melissa; deloris; hedwig
Subject: not now, then the post office address is listed in link

Joslyn looked upon him gravely and sighed Mrs

Joslyn bent over her son with tears in her eyes and said: This electrical nonsense has affected your mind, dearYou must promise me to keep away from that horrid workshop for a time I won't enter it for a week, he answered


I too looked upon my endless spam and gravely sighed