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Underground Cinema Reprise (with classic quote)

The group responsible for building a secret cinema in the Paris underground has stepped forward (according to this Guardian article I found via BoingBoing). The group responds to the name La Mexicaine de la Perforation and its spokesman, known only as "Lazar", had the following public statement to make:

"Urban explorers are the only people who, between us, know it all. We move between each network. We know where they link up - often, it's us who made the link. The authorities, the police, town hall, they don't know a hundredth, a thousandth, of what's down there."
I love it. Things like this restore my faith in human beings, and in that special, oft-overlooked little ability they are supposed to have: to pursue, with energy and determination, goals that go well above and beyond mere survival, beyond the quest for power, beyond the bottom line.
Go read the whole article -- you might be inspired to creatively alter your surroundings, too. Eris knows we could use more French imports like that in this country... "freedom fries", "freedom kissing" (?) and related reptilian-brain revisionism notwithstanding. Actually, this reminds me: check out infiltration.org for an urban exploration site based in this continent (I think they're Canadians, but I'm not positive).