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New Design

Just a quick post to state the obvious: the new design is here! The story of this design has been fraught with so many tribulations you wouldn't even believe it, but that's for another time... For right now, what's important is that it's finally up and running. This is just a bare-bones version of what I have in mind, but it'll do for now. Soon, I'll get another designer to make a few modifications, and eventually expand the site into a few more static pages, etc.

So stay tuned... for all of the above and of course for the blogging, which should return to more regular levels soon. I have been neglecting blogging/writing in general because of a bunch of pressing "real life" stuff, to the point where I'm the only one over at Key23 that hasn't posted an article yet. Despicable. Ah, but I'm working on it, I'm working on it...


I wouldn't call what I've posted an "article" :)

The site looks great! Nice work. But, yeah, I just dropped by 'cause i was thinking "what's up with mindwarp?" ;) But I know we've all been a bit spread thin latley so no worries.

me likes..