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the Demon of Electricity...

...was found hiding in today's spam (about some sort of antiaging product). The Demon appeared to me in the following form:

From: xxxxx@x.xxx [mailto:xxxx@xxxx.xxx]
Sent: Friday, March 8, 2004 4:68PM
To: maira; alisa@x.xxx; willia; dee; efrain
Subject: appreciate but no thank you PO 12 00 B , Oran ge sta d, A ruba

You don't seem to understand Well, I'll explain

You're the Demon of Electricity, aren't you? I am, said the other, drawing himself up proudlyYour mission is to obey the commands of whoever is able to strike the Master Key of Electricity

And that was it.



yeah, damn. that IS creepy. ive gotten really hilarious porn spam, but never has it been "hellspam" like that though. i wish it had...

No kidding. Best spam since my first nigerian 419 scam email. To think that there's people working to eliminate spam from the face of the Earth. Pity.