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late Bloomsday linkage

Dublin - June 12-17, 2004 B.L.O.O.D. F.O.R. S.A.L.E. is a "Wi-Fi performance at the ReJoyce Festival celebrating Bloomsday 100", by Christophe Bruno.

'As James Joyce did 100 years ago, I walk through Dublin, but with a Wi-Fi handheld and a digital camera. On my way, I record everything I see, mainly company logos or brands, as if my eyes were "spammed". Then, through the wireless network, I send all this visual spam to a program on my server that fetches related "sponsored epiphanies" from the whole Web. These epiphanies are incorporated into the text by Joyce in real-time.'
Follow this link for a detailed description, images and downloadable video of the performance.

And since I've finally gotten around to mentioning anything at all about Bloomsday, let me also link to these related and somewhat rambling comments, posted by a user on the online social network Tribe.net. I just like how he sounds:

'The noise machines strategy--Mock the fnord. Pretend that the year 1904 didn't have a bigger meaning outside of the date. That's right, if you don't see the fnord, it can't hurt you. Reinforce that new ideas are dangerous. Label the work of art as fiction or fantasy. Those crazy hippies have another ritual pole they are dancing around. There are economic liabilities to publicly being a wiccan.'