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420 alert

After George Washington's large plantations of cannabis, and Russ Kick's revelation (in 50 Things You're Not Supposed To Know) that Carl Sagan was a major pothead, here's more evidence of the pervasive and sinister presence of Marijuana! in our midst, concealed behind the friendly face of our favorite media outlets.

The other day I typed 'http://www.disinfo.com' in my browser's address bar and, instead of the familiar red-and-black homepage, I got this error:

mysql://disinfoSiteAdmin:@ganja.terabolic.com/disinfosite failed to connectCan't connect to MySQL server on 'ganja.terabolic.com' (111)
Where will it stop?



Is Sagan's 'Mr. X' essay, if you haven't read it.

(found your site today through Technoccult, btw)

Thanks for the link to the essay, I hadn't read it yet. And thanks for making me realize that Klint added me to his weblog -- hadn't noticed.