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brief admin notes + 5/23

I sure haven't been blogging much lately... The reason is the simplest one: I don't have the time/mental focus to spare right now. I'm also sort of waiting for the new site design to be completed, which is taking a little longer than I thought (as the most attentive among you might have noticed), but should be here soon.

Be that as it may, I am confident the blogging will become much more regular and plentiful in the near future, as soon as the commitments currently monopolizing my attention are dealt with. So bear with me and stay tuned!

In other news, today is May 23rd, a date of the utmost Discordian significance (if you don't know why, I won't spoil your finding out for yourselves). For the occasion, Technoccult has a nice entry on Discordian music, complete with assorted Discordian links for the unitiated. Check it out, and Hail Eris!