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Integral Naked

Through Erik Davis' mailing list, I recently found out about Ken Wilber's cool new site, Integral Naked.

Erik's message said:

'Ken Wilber is one of the most interesting and influential American philosophers on the scene today, having charted out a very productive space -- gridded with quadrants and levels and stages -- between transpersonal psychology, the perennial tradition, and the science/culture wars of the day. He also looks kinda like Dr. Manhattan from Alan Moore's Watchmen series. In any case, Ken is behind a website called Integral Naked, which is full of interesting stuff and currently features interviews with Burning Man founder Larry Harvey and... yours truly. We talk about the post-post-modern, spiritual generations, and Burning Man. The site costs, which I know is a disappointment, but here it is: http://www.integralnaked.org/'

Actually, it appears that the site is free for the first month, with the option of unsubscribing at any time and yes, for the cheapoids among us, you can also resubscribe at any time, and get the free month again. In fact, Wilber himself says:

'We're not selling a product, we're looking for people who want to become members of a community, and support it with modest monthly dues. But if people just want the goods, they can sign on, download everything, sign off, and sign on again next month, free forever. We don't care.'

Hey, thanks, Ken!

The site is really slick and well put together, I highly recommend a visit and signing up at least for the free month. This is a great opportunity to increase your own intelligence by being exposed to others "as smart or smarter than you are", as Tim Leary recommended... still a very good idea. Right now they're featuring Wilber's dialogue with Larry Dossey, theme: "Your Nonlocal Mind". Check it out!