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hiatus, continued

The pause in my blogging (not that I've ever been a truly regular blogger working on that, too) will continue for a little while longer. I'm leaving for New York tonight, and will catch up about this last, wonderful weekend and other things from there.

The weekend in question consisted of attending a pre-workshop lecture by Alex Grey last Thursday, and a Saturday 3rd screening of Monster Road (one of the best movies I've seen in a long time) at the Red Vic. For good measure, I caught Hellboy on Sunday nite (MadGhoul saw it recently too, and already has a review). More about all that later.

Oh, and while in the Apple, I couldn't possibly miss this event, so I'll soon be telling you about that, too.
Over and out for now. Communications will resume when I get there...


I guess I'll see you in New York for the Disinfo event then.

Most definitely. Thus willed Synchronicity, providing me with a place to stay just at the right time. Now I'll be able to personally thank you for putting me among the few people that don't piss you off.

Life is strange. See ya there.