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off to Other Cinema

How very appropriately synchronistic. Shortly after the last few meetings of Erik Davis' class, one of which was supposed to end with a screening of Kenneth Anger's Inauguration Of The Pleasure Dome but didn't, here it is -- showing tonight at Craig Baldwin's Other Cinema:

Our most popular theme night is reprised with a jewel-box of brilliant pebbles and two magic mountains of musical majesty. For the 50th anniversary of Kenneth Angerís oneiric Inauguration Of The Pleasure Dome, Kyron (J.C. Mendizabal) re-scores this lysergic Bacchus rite with a dark-wave of sonic shamanism, whilst Koyote performs a live Thelemic ritual!

Obviously Baldwin, being who he is, had to acquire an original film print of the movie, one more reason why this is going to rock way beyond anything we could have achieved on a TV at CIIS. Hopefully some folks from class will show up for the occasion... Plus, I have the good fortune to count Kyron and Koyote as my friends. It will be cool to see what they can, uh, conjure up tonight.

As Erik said, I'll be there unless snatched away by aliens.



I was wandering how it was. I couldn't be there, but I'd really apreciate if anyone tells his/her impressions of that performance.


Hi Pepe! Check out the next post for my immediate impressions of the event (written very soon afterwards).