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How To Charge & Fire A Sigil By Playing A Video Game

This article, posted on Disinformation by occult author Taylor Ellwood, offers an original and interesting approach to sigil magick (Disinformation article).

'Ever wanted to charge a sigil through a state of gnosis that wasn't induced by an extreme form of behavior? Have you wanted to be entertained while charging the sigil? Occult author Taylor Ellwood can tell you an effective and easy method of charging a sigil that'll have you entertained as well. Just play a video game.

One of the most fascinating aspects about pop culture magick is the adaptability it grants you. Case in point, recently I'd been reading Disinformation's Book of Lies, particularly the essays on Austin Osman Spare. The ideal state to be in to charge a sigil is one where the mind is blank, vacuous, and thus open to the influences of the sigil (Drury 2003). I began to think about that and how pop culture could be applied to charging and firing sigils.

Now we know that a sigil is a statement of desire compressed into a symbol. When you're in a state of gnosis, focused inwardly, you imprint the sigil within your unconscious and then promptly forget about it. You can do this through a variety of ways, be it through sexual excitement, physical exhaustion, or some grand ritual or meditation technique that brings you to a heightened state of zero and thus to a state of openness for the sigil. Or you can do what I do. Play a video game.'

Very nice. The only detail I didn't understand is Ellwood's opening statement, with its reference to "extreme behavior". Is sex (one of the most popular ways to charge sigils) really that "extreme"?

Nitpicking aside, read the whole thing here.
For another original approach to sigilization, try here.


The introductory comment on extreme behaviors was an ironic comment, more for humor than anything else. Glad you liked the article.